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At slow speeds, the rear wheels on an ATV are designed to rotate in the opposite direction to the front ones in order to help with turning and parking.
All Terrain Vehicles

All Terrain Vehicles

ATV stands for all terrain vehicle, and these nifty machines are one of the best ways to travel in these remote places. You will be given a quick demonstration of how these four by four buggies are operated and provided with a helmet, before being sent off to explore the horizon. Not only are these ATVs simple to operate, they provide great fun and the perfect way to travel long distances over a wide range of terrains.

A number of expeditions that offer the chance to enjoy this activity are listed below.

*All activities are subject to change and weather conditions. Places may also be limited and additional costs may be incurred. Please clarify all your voyage details with a Fred.\ representative at the time of booking.

ATV Expeditions

Sea Spirit
  • Departure: Jul 2015 for 9 nights
  • Destination:

    3 Ports - Arctic

  • Itinerary:

    Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada - Arctic Watch Lodge - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada


Exc. Flights
Please note: Price includes all activities, meals and accomodations but not the mandatory transfer package on this land-based expedition.