Fred's Thoughts

3 Antarctic Archipelagos

South Georgia

The end goal of any Antarctic expedition cruise is the Peninsula itself, but these three archipelagos provide excellent stop-off destinations along the way.

Pursuing The Penguins

Emperor Penguins

Wildlife lovers will delight in the chance to track down large penguin colonies across Antarctica. A selection of our expedition cruises will enable you to spot members of the various species mentioned here.

Beautiful And Untamed Norway

Tromso Bridge

The different regions of mainland Norway and its overseas territories can vary between areas of outstanding natural beauty and wild, untamed landscapes that are ripe for exploration. Here is a look at some which fall into these two different categories.

Safety First In The Polar Regions

Ice Warning

All of the expedition operators that we work with put safety first when taking people to the Polar Regions. Here are some of the state-of-the-art safety features they have on their ships.

The Myths And Legends Of Iceland

Iceland Panorama

Iceland is the land of fire and ice but it is also a place where mythology and folklore come to life. Here are some fascinating tales that help to explain the landscape of this beautiful country.

Nature At Its Most Impressive In The Polar Regions

Northern Lights

Nature impacts our lives almost daily and has two clear sides to its personality. However, whether it is demonstrating its beauty or power; there is no mistaking the fact that it makes us take notice. Here are some amazing natural sights you can see on a Fred.\ expedition cruises.