Did you know...?
Camping in the wild can have great effects on your health. Without man-made light, the act of going to sleep when it naturally gets dark and waking up when the sun rises can help to reset your body clock.


If hiking through these wild environments during the day isn’t quite enough to quench your thirst for adventure, then why not go one step further and spend the night there too. Camping is always an experience that breeds camaraderie and brings you closer to nature, but staying overnight in these stunning surroundings has so much more to offer besides this.

Camping is usually offered on trips to Antarctica, but may be included in other itineraries too. This unique opportunity to sleep in and amongst the native penguin colonies really shouldn’t be missed. And, on a clear night, you will be able to witness a perfect starry sky, unaffected by light pollution and anything else that emanates from the busy cities in which we spend our lives.

If you’ve never put your own tent up before then there is no need to worry. The expedition leaders on your trip will provide all the necessary equipment, find the best place to set up camp and even show you the ropes (pun intended).

A number of expeditions that offer the chance to enjoy this activity are listed below.

*All activities are subject to change and weather conditions. Places may also be limited and additional costs may be incurred. Please clarify all your voyage details with a Fred.\ representative at the time of booking.

Camping Expeditions