Expedition Destinations

Oh, the places you’ll go!

The various destinations covered by both our Arctic and Antarctic expeditions are as vast and diverse as the polar circles themselves. They range from countries that you may know quite a bit about already, such as Canada and Argentina, to places that you may have never heard of, including Spitsbergen and The South Sandwich Islands.

The Polar Regions are amongst the least explored parts of our world and because of this there are still many things we can learn about them. By carrying out important research in these areas, as well as educating adventurers like you about them, we can help to preserve them for future generations and expand our knowledge together.

So whether you are heading north or south, to the North Pole or the Antarctic Peninsula, or maybe just to the places on the cusp of these regions; your journey with Fred.\ Expeditions starts right here.

Antarctic Destinations

Antarctica is known as the frozen wilderness due to the fact that the conditions there are so extreme that the place has no permanent human inhabitants. Almost one hundred per cent of it is covered by ice that is over a metre thick on average. The only area not covered is the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

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Arctic Destinations

The word Arctic is generally used to define the region inside the Arctic Circle and includes a number of different countries and destinations. This vast area spans over 5.5 million square miles and covers a total of 6% of the earth’s surface.

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