Alaska Expedition Cruises

Alaska is the largest of all 50 American states and is also the least densely populated, making it ripe for exploration. The main draws in this wild destination are the glaciers and icebergs, but Alaska is also teeming with an abundance of wildlife, which you will hopefully catch a glimpse of during your expedition.

Nowadays, we know it as the 49th American state but it wasn’t always US-owned. In 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for a figure that would be equivalent to around $120 million today. This works out to be approximately 2 cents per acre. Now known as the Last Frontier, the state can thank tourism for a large portion of income.

More than half of the world’s glaciers are situated here, covering around 16,000 square miles of the land. You will be able to explore many of these during your Alaska cruise including specific examples such as Mendenhall, Sawyer and Dawes. As well as these, you will be able to discover the Glacier Bay National Park where awe-inspiring scenery greets you at every turn and the calving glaciers roar as they crash into the ocean.

It’s easy to be overcome by all that’s happening around you in Alaska, but it’s important to keep an eye out for some of the spectacular wildlife that inhabits this region. With eagles flying overhead, whales breaching the water’s surface, seals playing along the coast and inquisitive bears prowling the land, you’ll not want to miss a moment of this breath-taking place.

As well as the beautiful nature on display, you will also get to learn about some of the ancient inhabitants during your Alaska cruise. The islands of Haida Gwaii beckon you into Canada to uncover the traditions of the Haida people. Here, you will explore Gwaii Haanas National Park, dance and feast in the ancestral town of Old Massett, and observe the totem poles that remain as cultural and artistic relics of the past.

Every expedition will offer flexibility in abundance, so you never have to worry about your trip being overshadowed by a rigid schedule. The itinerary will change depending on things like wildlife sightings and the desire of the group to spend longer in a certain place. All in all, your trip to Alaska will showcase this amazing part of the world in the best way possible.

Alaska Expeditions