Did you know...?
Whilst Argentina, Chile and the UK have all attempted to lay claim to the peninsula, it is governed by the Antarctic Treaty System and therefore belongs to no one.

Antarctic Peninsula Expedition Cruises

The Antarctic Peninsula is situated on the western side of the continent and is the main landing point for many Antarctic expeditions. Protruding into the Southern Ocean, it is surrounded by the Weddell Sea on one side and the Drake Passage on the other. A small number of specific expeditions may take you inside the Antarctic Circle, but for most itineraries this is the furthest south you will tread.

The moment you step foot onto this frozen landscape for the first time is one to be savoured and should be celebrated as one of the ultimate expedition experiences. Few people will ever get to see their footprints in the snow here and so there is sure to be an almost tangible sense of excitement and achievement at this time.

As you gather your senses, a look around will tell you just how beautiful this wilderness is. Rugged peaks are dotted amongst enormous icebergs and the blanket white is only broken by the earthy colours of the triumphant mountains and the rocky patches by the shore. Many animals may be on hand to greet you as you marvel at large penguin colonies and watch from the boat as seals and whales occasionally break the surface of the water.

Whilst this patch of land has many names that pay tribute to past explorers, including 'O'Higgins Land' to the Chileans, 'Tierra de San Martín' to those in Argentina and 'Graham Land' to the British, you will never forget your experience of this famous peninsula.

Antarctic Peninsula Expeditions