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Argentinians have many unusual traditions including; a day dedicated to friendship, a mouse-like version of the tooth fairy and the act of pulling a person’s ear on their birthday in correlation with their age.

Argentina Expedition Cruises

Along with Chile, Argentina is one of the main departure points for the majority of our Antarctic expeditions. Whether it's the capital of Buenos Aires or the southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, this is where you wave goodbye to the relative normality of South American life and head towards your icy goal.

Colonised by the Spanish in the 1500s, Argentina gained independence and recognition as a sovereign state following a lengthy civil war that ended in 1861. In the period between then and the 1930s, the country went from strength to strength with the economy prospering and the nation itself growing in stature. However, periods of political instability have since taken it back into difficulty and political riots along with an economic crisis have caused problems in recent years.

Despite this, its diverse landscape of jungles filled with waterfalls, popular ski resorts, enormous glaciers that are still growing, and thriving, modern cities means that the country receives nearly six million tourists a year and is a favoured destination for nature lovers.

The name 'Argentina' is said to stem from the Latin term, argentum, which means ‘silver’. It was given to this area due to an historical myth which stated that the mountains around Argentina were full of silver. This legend is thought to have its origins in a story which states that Europeans, landing here after their ship had sank, were given gifts of silver treasures and coins by the native people.

Argentina Expeditions