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One of the smallest islands in the Canadian Arctic archipelago is ironically named 'Big'.
Canadian Arctic

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The Canadian Arctic is actually an island archipelago situated in the Arctic Ocean above the northern tip of Canada. There are over 36,000 individual islands in the group, made up of various different sizes and covering a distance of over five hundred thousand square miles. The majority of them are situated within the territory of Nunavut, but some lie in the Northwest Territories. Due to exploration by Martin Frobisher in the 1570s, many of the islands have names that reflect English towns and cities. So you may be surprised to note places such as Southampton, Salisbury, Cornwall and Nottingham on your map.

During your Canadian Arctic expedition, you will meet thriving communities that have made their home here for more than 4,000 years, as well as beautiful wildlife and scenery. Many of the areas have been designated National Historic Sites of Canada, and so you are sure to learn as much about the heritage of this place as you will about how it functions today.

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