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The water in the Drake Passage is controlled by the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. The flow of water has been measured to be six hundred times more than that in the River Amazon.
Drake Passage

Drake Passage Expedition Cruises

The Drake Passage is a stretch of water which presents many of the same hazards that are confronted when attempting to sail around Cape Horn. The passage lies between this point and the South Shetland Islands and often presents ships with rough seas that have become the norm in this part of the world. However, all of the ships that Fred.\ Expeditions offer are fitted with stabilisers and are therefore fully-adept at sailing through these conditions.

This expanse of water, which separates the South Atlantic, South Pacific and Southern Oceans from one another, is named after the famous explorer Sir Francis Drake and will be an important milestone during your Antarctic expedition.

During your time in the passage, there will be some great opportunities to engage in a bit of wildlife spotting. Listen out for the call over your ship’s public address system, as at any moment a shout of “whales” could be announced. Sightings of these majestic animals are relatively common here, along with penguins, albatrosses and even certain species of dolphin.

Drake Passage Expeditions