Did you know...?
Ilulissat was formerly known as Jakobshavn, a name that derived from the person who discovered it, Jacob Severin.

Ilulissat Expedition Cruises

Illulissat is a town found on the western coast of Greenland and a key stopover point on many of our Arctic expedition cruises. The main attraction of the town is the Ilulissat ice fjord which has helped the local economy by bringing in hundreds of tourists every year. Even the name itself has frozen denotations as it literally means ‘iceberg’ in the language of the Kalaallisut, one of the three Inuit groups that inhabit Greenland. This breath-taking tourist attraction was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004 and is sure to be a big highlight during your trip.

It is said that nature never sleeps in this spirited settlement as the distant sound of icebergs roaring is harmonised by the barking and howling of the sled dogs that the locals use to help them get around. As well as meeting some of these friendly Greenlanders and possibly experiencing a whale sighting in the nearby Disko Bay, you can also expect to be constantly replacing your socks after they are continually knocked off by the wonders you will see.

Ilulissat Expeditions