Did you know...?
Murmansk has more days of precipitation than any other city in Europe. This includes an average of 131 rainy days and 168 snowy ones.

Murmansk Expedition Cruises

Murmansk is one of the biggest settlements within the Arctic Circle and is the starting point of all our North Pole expeditions. Despite its position on the globe, this port city functions very efficiently and the icy conditions seem to have little effect on the infrastructure. As well as its large shipping port, there are also highways, a railway station which is a gateway to the rest of Europe, and the northernmost trolleybus network in the world.

Murmansk has a population of around 310,000 people and lies close to the borders with both Finland and Norway. The world’s only fleet of nuclear-fuelled icebreaker ships operate out of the city, known as the Atomflot, and their main role is to clear an accessible path through the Arctic waters for smaller trade vessels. However, one of these ships, '50 Years of Victory' will also provide transport for your journey north.

If you have time before you head for Franz Josef Land and then onto the North Pole, there are a few interesting things to do and see in Murmansk. Among these are two museums, an aquarium and various different monuments.

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