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The North Pole has no assigned time zone and so explorers are free to use whichever one they see fit.

North Pole Expedition Cruises

The North Pole is the pinnacle of any Arctic expedition and is a place that only exists for many in their imagination. However, you can now make it a reality by embarking on the adventure of all adventures and standing on top of the world. Not to be confused with the Magnetic North Pole, the Geographic North Pole is situated at ninety degrees north latitude and from here everything, and everyone, else is in a southerly direction.

In this part of the world it is either always day time or always night time, as the sun stays above the horizon for twenty four hours in the summer and below it in the winter. This infamous, yet intangible, place might seem like it is almost impossible to reach, but this is not a problem when you have some of the world’s most powerful icebreaker ships at your disposal. The vessels that these expedition tour operators use are able to cut through the vast ice fields with little effort and transport you to this magical location.

Wildlife is pretty scarce on the North Pole itself, but along the way there are plenty of creatures that may grace you with their presence. From polar bears cautiously investigating your ship, to seals and beluga whales swimming alongside it and arctic hares and foxes scurrying off into the distance; animal spotting is sure to be a big part of your trip.

Once you’ve arrived, you can celebrate your achievement with a glass of bubbles as you stand back and admire this white world of wonder.

North Pole Expeditions

Unmissable Events

Being At The North Pole:

The number one highlight of going to the North Pole is without doubt the fact that you will end up at the North Pole. It sounds obvious doesn’t it? But that doesn’t mean that it should be underestimated. On top of the world, 90 degrees north, Santa’s home (even though we all know he really lives in Lapland), or however else you want to refer to it; the North Pole is one of the most distinguished places on earth.

Your arrival will be celebrated by the charging of glasses with champagne and a whole host of picture opportunities, but there is no substitute for taking a moment to let your position on the globe sink in.

Taking The Polar Plunge:

If you are feeling adventurous and brave whilst at the North Pole (maybe it’s the latitude) you can mark the occasion by taking a polar plunge into the icy cold water. Under the watchful eye of the expedition leaders some groups will get the chance to really get a feel for the region as they take the dive into the Arctic Ocean.

And why not? The chances are that you’ll never get the opportunity to do something like this again and so surely it’s worth a few minutes of feeling like your limbs may fall off at any moment.

The View From Above:

The North Pole is not just spectacular from the ground; it happens to offer stunning views from on high too. And with the aid of a hot air balloon or helicopter these views can enjoyed as you are whisked up into the sky. These activities may incur additional charges, but that will pale into insignificance when you get up there and are greeted with a vista that will leave you astonished and everyone back home green with envy.