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Norway has a history of giving gifts to the UK. Every year, the people of Oslo donate the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree. The country also gifted King Henry III a polar bear in 1251, which he kept in the Tower of London.

Norway Expedition Cruises

The Norwegian fjords have long been a popular cruise destination for those who want to witness the stunning natural scenery this country has to offer. However, with Fred.\ Expeditions you can now see so much more of Norway, including Spitsbergen and Jan Mayen as part of a breath-taking tour of the Arctic.

Following Iceland, Norway is the second least-densely populated country in Europe (remembering that Greenland is not strictly a country) and the border it shares with Sweden is the longest uninterrupted example within the continent. However, things have not always been friendly between them and their Scandinavian neighbours, as war ranged between the two nations in the early 1800s until Norway agreed to live under a Swedish king. Having established independence in 1905 though, the country has gone on to become one of the highest earning nations per capita, largely thanks to its abundant oil supplies.

Norway’s landscape is an exciting mix of scenic areas of outstanding beauty and wild landscapes that are equally as intriguing. The sights you will see on your Arctic expedition will often depend on the season you visit. The amazing coastline will offer contrasting conditions over the year, as the temperate, everlasting days of summer are contrasted with the crisp, snowy winters. The Midnight Sun offers twenty-four hours of sunlight throughout May, June and July in northern parts, which gently gives way to colourful autumns and subsequently a frozen end to the year.

Due to Norway’s grand exploration heritage, the country has many overseas territories all over the globe. As well as nearby Spitsbergen, Jan Mayen, Lofoten and Bear Island, the country also has possession of islands in the Antarctic, including Bouvet Island.

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