Did you know...?
Until 2012, the Nunavut licence plate was made in the shape of a polar bear. Newer versions are rectangular but still depict a bear along with the Northern Lights.

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Nunavut is a territory in Northern Canada and includes many of the islands that make up the Canadian Arctic archipelago. One of the largest islands in Nunavut, Ellesmere, is home to the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world, Alert. When here, you are just five hundred miles from the North Pole and it has become an important place for scientific research.

Nunavut was only designated as an individual territory in 1999 and is now the newest and largest sub-division in Canada. In fact, it is the fifth-largest sub-division of a country in the world. The name comes from one of the major Inuit languages, Inuktitut, and can be translated to mean 'our land'.

One highlight of your Nunavut expedition could be the chance to meet a polar bear in the wild. These creatures are abundant in this area and just over the border, in Churchill, Manitoba, there is a bear per every person in the town. Be prepared to be enriched by Inuit culture as you travel through this vast region, visiting quaint little islands, conquering the Northwest Passage and exploring the beautiful Hudson's Bay.

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