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The Ross Sea is one of the only expanses of water on Earth that hasn’t been subjected to pollution, overfishing or the introduction of non-indigenous species.
Ross Sea

Ross Sea Expedition Cruises

The Ross Sea is situated within one of Antarctica’s bays, deep inside the Antarctic Circle. Only a few of our Antarctic expeditions will venture this far south, as they take in this body of water, which is named after the explorer James Ross, on their way to New Zealand. As well as the sea, there is also a huge, thick ice-shelf which bears Mr Ross’s name along with a small island which can be found at the edge of the ice.

It was from this part of the continent that famous explorer, Roald Amundsen, set off to reach the South Pole. There are also huts in this area that were used by Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott, which you may get the chance to take a look around.

In this region of Antarctica, you will see different wildlife to that which can be found on the Antarctic Peninsula. There is the opportunity to witness thousands of Adelie penguins, but most travellers will be excited to learn that this will be a rare chance to see large numbers of the noble emperor penguin as they engage in breeding activity on the coast.

Some of the ships that sail here are also equipped with an onboard helicopter, and so you may well be lucky enough to experience some amazing sights from the air as well as the land.

Ross Sea Expeditions