Did you know...?
The largest whale ever caught was landed in Grytviken, South Georgia. The blue whale, caught in 1912, was thought to be around 33m long.

South Georgia Island Expedition Cruises

South Georgia is a small island with a big history and one that has seen many different goings on since it was first discovered in 1675. It is another British Overseas Territory, thanks to Captain James Cook who made the first landing here and named it after King George the third, the reigning monarch at the time. Previously part of the Falklands, it is now just grouped with the South Sandwich Islands.

This uninhabitable piece of land has been a whale and seal hunting base (until these activities were stopped in the 1960s), was the point from which Argentina initiated their bid to capture the Falklands, and is the final resting place of the brave explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Today, however, it’s much more likely to attract nature lovers in search of the large king penguin colonies that gather on the beaches. Extensive numbers of these creatures are joined by elephant seals and whales in the waters surrounding the island.

All in all, the wild landscape and rich history of South Georgia is sure to capture your imagination during your Antarctic expedition.

South Georgia Island Expeditions