Did you know...?
During particularly cold winters it is sometimes possible to walk from the Canadian Arctic to the west coast of Greenland. However, this risky feat has not been attempted since an Inuit group emigrated along this route 130 years ago.

Thule/Qaanaaq Expedition Cruises

Qaanaaq is the modern name of Thule, a town that was established by American military personal during the Cold War. It can be found on the northwest coast of Greenland and is one of the northernmost inhabited areas on the planet. Here the Midnight Sun provides twenty four hours of daylight throughout the summer, from April to August. Not only does this mean that you will have plenty of time to explore the sights and sounds of this Inuit settlement, you will also get to experience one of nature’s most surreal events.

Just like in Scoresbysund, kayaking is an important part of life in Qaanaaq. Hunting techniques using this mode of transport are passed down from generation to generation and you may well be lucky enough to witness a search for narwhals, walruses or seals. Nothing is wasted during this process as skins are used as clothing and to cover the kayaks, the meat is eaten and any tusks are expertly crafted into hunting weapons or jewellery.

Thule/Qaanaaq Expeditions