Did you know...?
Tromso has one of the longest seasons for viewing the Northern Lights (from September to March). In the past, some Norwegians believed you would anger the Aurora Borealis by waving white clothing at it, whilst others thought that this would intensify its glow.

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Tromso is a vibrant and diverse city located in Northern Norway. Parts of the mainland and various islands make up the settlement and are all connected by impressive bridges and tunnels. Due to the Gulf Stream, the weather can be surprisingly warm in this part of the country, and so this makes it a popular stop-off destination for those enjoying the fjords.

As well as a plethora of traditional Norwegian wooden houses, visitors can also explore the many theatres, art galleries and museums that are spread over the nearly one thousand square miles of city limits. And after you have seen the beauty of the northernmost botanical gardens, you may also want to seek out the Arctic Cathedral. It is a brilliant piece of architecture and often hosts midnight concerts during the height of the summer.

The built-up landscape and cultural happenings that Tromso offers are a stark contrast to the wilderness of places like Bear Island and Spitsbergen and will offer one of the last inhabited areas as you head further and further north.

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