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When James Weddell first discovered this body of water, he modestly and patriotically named it after King George IV. However, it was changed in Weddell’s honour in 1900.
Weddell Sea

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The Weddell Sea is found within the bay to the east of the Antarctic Peninsula and bears the name of famous Scottish explorer, James Weddell. Due to his pioneering work in this region, his name has also been attributed to an island in the Falklands as well as a particular species of seal that can be frequently seen in this part of Antarctica.

The water here is said to be the clearest found in any of the world’s seas. Following this claim, subsequent experiments proved that it has a transparency similar to that of purified water.

Along with the eponymous seals, the Weddell Sea is typically filled with enormous icebergs which drift along eerily, propelled by the strong winds that are commonly whipped up here. Other animals can be found enjoying these waters too and the most proliferous type of penguin here is the Adelie species.

Aided by the power of the ice-strengthened ships aboard which we offer these awe-inspiring Antarctic expeditions, you may catch a glimpse of an Emperor Penguin colony that has been spotted on the Weddell Sea pack-ice in recent years. However, it is very unlikely that you will witness a sighting of the mythical green-haired merman that has been mentioned in various literature relating to this icy region.

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