Expedition Operators

  • Arctic & Antarctic Expeditions
  • Comfortable Staterooms
  • Expert Speakers

Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions are specialists in all things Arctic and Antarctic. For over twenty years, they have been offering expedition cruises to excited members of the public who want to visit these beautiful and untouched destinations.

  • Arctic and Antarctic Expeditions
  • North Pole Expeditions
  • Expert Speakers

Poseidon Expeditions

Poseidon Expeditions are one of the world leaders in Polar cruising. They have been taking adventurous members of the public on expedition cruises to ‘the top of the world’ since 1999 and more recently to Antarctica and other Arctic destinations.

  • Luxury Adventure Cruising
  • Arctic and Antarctic Expeditions
  • Butler Service
  • Opulent Staterooms

Silversea Expeditions

Silversea Expeditions aims to extend their brand of luxury cruising into the world of adventure tourism by offering the chance to visit some of the more remote parts of the world, whilst still being able to enjoy everything that the company is famous for.

  • Fleet of two ice-strengthened ships and two sailing vessels
  • Specialist lecturers

Oceanwide Expeditions

From the unique landscape found in Greenland and Spitsbergen to the extremely isolated Polar Regions at both tips of the earth, Oceanwide Expedition cruises open up many new pathways for passionate adventurers to tread.

  • Small Groups, Big Adventures
  • Arctic and Antarctic Expeditions
  • Wide range of Excursion Activities

G Adventures

G Adventures are one of the world’s fastest expanding travel companies and it all started with the visions of one man, Bruce Poon Tip, with a desire to offer a feasible, affordable and sustainable way to see the world.

  • Arctic & Antarctic Destinations
  • 50 years experience
  • Family run company


With two, specially built ships travelling to the Arctic and Antarctic, you will be able to get the most out of every journey you take. And a fruitful partnership with National Geographic means that Lindblad are able to push the boundaries of research and sustentation whilst also offering their guests the chance to learn from, interact with and observe the professionals.

  • Expeditions to Antarctica, Greenland, Norway and Iceland
  • Wide range of excursion activities


Having introduced trips to Antarctica in 2002 and subsequent journeys to Iceland and Greenland, Hurtigruten now have an exciting range of explorer voyages that enchant, educate and emancipate seasoned travellers.