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Depending on your gender and speed, you can burn between 160 and 190 calories during a one hour hike.
Hiking and Walking

Hiking and Walking

The rugged terrain found in places such as Iceland and the Falklands lends itself perfectly to hiking. There is no better way to explore these diverse landscapes, allowing you to visit various places that are away from the shoreline.

This is the most widespread activity that is offered on our expedition cruises and is open to everyone. You can do as much or as little hiking as you like and everything can be taken at your own comfortable pace. So whether you are exploring icy Spitsbergen or discovering what lies inland on South Georgia; there is the opportunity to leave no stone un-trodden in your search for adventure, wildlife and that perfect picture to make everyone back home jealous.

A number of expeditions that offer the chance to enjoy this activity are listed below.

*All activities are subject to change and weather conditions. Places may also be limited and additional costs may be incurred. Please clarify all your voyage details with a Fred.\ representative at the time of booking.

Featured Hiking Expeditions

Sea Spirit
  • Departure: Jul 2015 for 9 nights
  • Destination:

    3 Ports - Arctic

  • Itinerary:

    Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada - Arctic Watch Lodge - Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada


Exc. Flights
Please note: Price includes all activities, meals and accomodations but not the mandatory transfer package on this land-based expedition.

Hiking And Walking Expeditions