Did you know...?
Around 12% of the world’s population lives within a mountainous landscape.

Limitless Landscapes

Stunning scenery and limitless landscapes are pretty much guaranteed on all of our expeditions, but there are some that seek out the best of the best. From immense icebergs and monumental mountains, to sumptuous seascapes and glorious glaciers; there is no end to the beautiful sights that you will witness during these trips.

Be certain to pack spare memory cards or rolls of film, as camera space is sure to be at a premium with so much to capture. Breath-taking landscapes lie around every corner and there is so much diversity to what you will see. From icy plains to fiery volcanoes, the range of terrain you will cover will always offer something new to capture with your lens or store in your memories forever more.

On selected trips there will even be photography experts on hand to show you how to take the perfect picture. That way you can eliminate those sneaky fingers that tend to creep onto the side of some photos and learn to seize the moment like a true professional.

If waking up to a new view every morning is something that excites you, then look no further than these expeditions. Warning though, the portrait-like scenes from your ship may leave you unable to enjoy the view from your bedroom window back home ever again.

Stunning Scenic Expeditions