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The opposite of the Midnight Sun is known as the Polar Night. However, due to the fact that light from the sun is bent by our atmosphere, the area affected by this phenomenon is smaller than that which experiences the Midnight Sun.
Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun Cruises

The Midnight Sun is a term given to the natural phenomenon during which certain destinations inside the Arctic and Antarctic Circles (and some outside) experience extended hours of sunlight. The name derives from the fact that, during the summer months, the sun can still be seen over the horizon at the local time of midnight. The further inside each circle you go, the longer this will last; to the point that parts of Spitsbergen, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic experience twenty-four hours of sunlight for three or four consecutive months.

Unsurprisingly, this is a beautiful sight and one which travellers go in search of every year. Not only does it mean that there are more daylight hours to explore your exciting surroundings, but everything you see is also bathed in a beautiful light which is said to have inspired many painters, artists and philosophers over the years.

Each destination will have its own period during which you can experience the midnight sun, but it will grace many of the destinations you will visit at some point during the summer.

Below are a number of expeditions that will offer the chance to witness this beautiful occurrence. It is important to remember that when travelling south, to the Antarctic Peninsula and beyond, summer takes place between November and February and not during the ‘traditional’ summer months in the northern hemisphere.

Midnight Sun Expeditions