Did you know...?
'Bonking' is a term used in mountaineering to describe the feeling of 'hitting the wall' or suddenly reaching a point where you feel exhausted.


Mountaineering is perfect for those who find hiking and snowshoeing a little bit tame and provides a great feeling when you finally reach your goal. It may not be quite as accessible as these other two activities, but it’s very rewarding and can maximise your perspective of any landscape you arrive on.

Many of the terrains that you will visit on your expeditions will be mountainous and are therefore begging to be conquered. Some experience is often required and it is sure to be no walk in the frozen park, but for anyone that wants to take their adventure to the next level it can be a very enjoyable and exciting activity. Naturally, all of the relevant equipment will be provided for you and you will be under the watchful eye of an experienced guide at all times.

A number of expeditions that offer the chance to enjoy mountaineering are listed below.

*All activities are subject to change and weather conditions. Places may also be limited and additional costs may be incurred. Please clarify all your voyage details with a Fred.\ representative at the time of booking.

Mountaineering Expeditions