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In 2003, British explorer Ben Saunders became the youngest person to ever complete a solo expedition to the North Pole
Solo Expeditions

Solo Expeditions

Travelling alone is a great way to see the world and means you are sure to make many friends along the way that share in the interest you have to see Mother Nature at her very best.

The easy going atmosphere on board the expedition ships that we offer will mean you can come and go as you please without having to dine alone if you don’t want to. Don't let travelling alone hold you back, as you join in with the onboard activities, learn from the expedition experts, and make lifelong friends and memories.

Some solo expeditions offer single travellers the chance to enjoy these memorable experiences without having to incur the additional charges of a supplement.

The majority of our cruise operators also run a service by which you can opt to share with a person of the same gender who also wants to share. This means that you both only pay a single charge and avoid a supplement.

It's worth enrolling in this process as if no one can be found to share with you then you will usually be offered a cabin to yourself at the single person rate.

Here is a selection of cruises from the many that will offer this sharing initiative.

Solo Expeditions