Did you know...?
Zodiacs get their name from the French company Zodiac who started making inflatable boats out of the materials they used to build their airships. During the same period, an English airship company also had a similar idea.


The best way to get large groups of people from the anchored ship to the shoreline is in a Zodiac. These inflatable watercrafts mean that everybody can explore what lies on the land without having to brave the journey to shore in a kayak or raft. All of the expedition ships carry a fleet of these vessels and the best part is that use of them is almost always included in the price.

Get up close and personal with the diverse landscapes in the destinations you visit and see so much more than you could ever see from the comfort of the ship. These polar expeditions are all about taking you as close as possible to nature and this is only made possible through the use of Zodiacs.

Not only will they be used to transport you to and from the land, they can also be used to cruise around isolated islands, explore inlets and fjords, and embark on specific wildlife watching trips. Their excellent design means that they are extremely safe, durable and can land directly onto a wide range of terrains.

A number of expeditions that offer the chance to enjoy this activity are listed below.

*All activities are subject to change and weather conditions. Places may also be limited and additional costs may be incurred. Please clarify all your voyage details with a Fred.\ representative at the time of booking.

Zodiac Expeditions